Scala Foundation Course - Control Structures

Hello and welcome back to Scala tutorial at Learning Journal. The Control abstraction is one of the key offerings of any programming language. When I talk about control abstraction, I mean the if-else, loops and case statement.
Scala offers a limited set of control abstractions because it is flexible enough to allow you to create new control structures. I will show you an example, and we will implement our own control structure. You might find it quite interesting and a powerful capability.
So even if you know the basics of control structures in Scala or any other programming language, it is worth spending some time to learn Scala capabilities. Scala offers five different types of control abstractions.

  1. if else
  2. Match Case
  3. While Loop and Do While Loop
  4. Higher Order Control Abstraction
  5. For Expression

In the next set of videos, I will cover all of these topics.

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