Apache Kafka Foundation Course - Kafka 1.0 Updates

Hello and welcome to learning journal. It is almost a year now since I created my Apache Kafka tutorials. I have received tens of thousands of views and more than a million minutes of watch time for my Kafka tutorials. I have seen a phenomenal response among Kafka learners. Thank you very much for your support, feedback, and comments over a year.
Now it’s time to review few things. I created this playlist for Apache Kafka 0.10.1. However, Apache Kafka 1.0 is out, and I thought of reviewing all my code and commands that I used in this tutorial. The objective is to make the tutorial valid and relevant for Apache Kafka 1.x. I am not going to modify and replace existing videos. Because they are still relevant for Kafka 1.x. I will just insert a few more videos in the old playlist at relevant places. These videos will cover changes, improvements, and corrections if any.
As part of this process, I will retest all my examples using Apache Kafka 1.0 and update my website and GitHub repository for the code changes. So, enjoy watching Kafka tutorials. I am committed to give you latest, updated and relevant tutorials. Thank you very much for visiting learning journal. Keep learning and Keep Growing.

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