Apache Kafka Foundation Course - Inaugural

Welcome to Apache Kafka foundation course at Learning Journal. This foundation course is designed to give you an extended technical training with lots of examples and code.
We created the initial version of this course for Apache Kafka 0.10. However, we will be updating the content as and when necessary to keep it relevant for the latest stable Apache Kafka version. You can find a log for the updates at the bottom of this page.
We have organized the Kafka foundation course as a set of twenty videos. Each video in training covers an individual concept. Every next video in the playlist is assuming that you are already familiar with the idea explained in the earlier video. So, I recommend you to follow them in a sequence.
The training starts with a brief introduction to Apache Kafka then it takes you through core concept and jargons associated with Kafka. The next two videos will build a foundation for rest of the training. If you don't understand everything in first two videos, don't worry about that. Just keep watching. I will cover all those concepts in more detail as we progress with the training.

Update Log

  1. The initial version recorded for Apache Kafka 0.10.
  2. Review in progress for Apache Kafka 1.0.

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