Apache Hadoop Foundation Course - Inaugural

Hello and welcome to Hadoop Tutorial at Learning Journal. If you are watching this video, I am sure that you have already heard about big data and Hadoop. Big data is now a dictionary term, so everyone understands it. Hadoop is the difficult one. There was a time when using and programming Hadoop used to be an art. But things have improved. We have enough documentation, great books, examples, blogs, and videos. Every help that you may need is available. But now there is a different problem. The beginners are getting lost with the overwhelming information flowing to them from every other direction.
If you are a beginner, you probably have scanned several blogs and videos about the subject and explored some books as well. You have heard about 20 different tools and technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem. You heard people saying that X is doomed, and Y is booming. You are getting confused what to learn and what to leave. How much focus do you need to put on which tool? Which one should you learn first? The bottom line is that you need a simplified and structured approach to getting into Hadoop technology stack. That is why I am starting this tutorial series. This tutorial will simplify your learning journey and will guide you into the Hadoop ecosystem.
Hadoop is widely adopted, sturdy and a simple tool for computing big data. I am looking forward to working with beginners and help them simplify their Hadoop learning journey. So stay tuned.
Thank you very much. Keep learning and keep growing.

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