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Learning Journal Contributing Community Member (CCM) wants to get into a deliberate practice of continuous learning. However, it is often tedious and needs some motivation, support, and discipline. If you have a passion for learning and sharing your knowledge, we have a platform and the support to help you accomplish it. You will benefit from our platform, brand yourself, and grow your knowledge. You can do all this while helping others to achieve their learning goals and thrive in their career.


What do you need? Knowledge? Money? Opportunities?

  • FREE access to our Video Trainings
  • Opportunity to Co-Author Video Courses
  • Opportunity referrals and recommendations
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How to Apply?

Write an email to us ( and include the following in your email.

  • Subject line "Learning Journal CCM Application."
  • Your LinkedIn profile link
  • Current location (City/Country)
  • PRIMARY and SECONDARY technologies to contribute
  • Sample technical article/blog in a plain text file. Your article must qualify for the following.
    • Your sample article is NOT published anywhere else, and you are the ORIGINAL author.
    • The article should be a minimum of 500 words and explained in multiple headings
    • The article must have at least one working code example with instructions for inputs, expected outputs, and guidance to execute and test it.


We are not looking for XMens.
If you think that you have something in you to become a CCM,
Reach out ( and let's do this.