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We love guest authors at Learning Journal. It is always a win-win. It is good for the site, great for the readers, and promotion for you. We are a publication and thus live on content. Our readers have a voracious appetite for more information and different perspective. Guest posting can be an outlet for your thoughts and promotion for you.

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We follow a simple process.

  1. You initiate the talk by dropping an email.
  2. We start talking.
  3. You pitch the concept.
  4. We approve that.
  5. You write an outline or something like an outline.
  6. We approve that.
  7. You write the article.
  8. We edit it, and it gets posted.

Like any process, it is flexible.

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We follow a simple process.

  1. The content that you want to publish must fit in with the theme of Learning Journal.
  2. The article must add value to the audience.
  3. We do not accept articles that you have already published somewhere else.
  4. We own all articles published on our website.
  5. If the author would like to republish their article, they may request us for reprint permission.
  6. We permit the author to link to their profile on LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media platforms.
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We do pay. However, there are two approaches.

  1. We pay you for your time and effort to write an article. We have a budget and it varies from article to article based on some factors including the amount of time and research.
  2. When the post is intended to promote something of yours, we don't exchange the money. However, It is different from a sponsored post. In such post, you are not just pitching up your product, service or your website, but also writing a useful article for readers to learn something valuable. It can't be overly promotional, but it can be like "I also wrote a book on this topic, check it out!" or "I'm writing about this because of my experience in using this product."


Do you have an idea or a thought to share?
Reach out and let's do this.