Teach for Us

We are building a team of talented, smart, and passionate content creators who share the vision of creating economic opportunity for every member of the team. We love to collaborate with qualified subject matter experts like you. If you have a passion for sharing your knowledge with the world, we have a platform and the support to help you accomplish it. Working with us to create a course is an exciting collaboration.
We will not only help you to create great courses but also help you to master your subject, and learn other valuable skills that are applicable beyond your course. You will benefit from our platform, brand yourself, and earn some royalty income. You can do all this while helping others to achieve their learning goals and thrive in their career.

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Subject Areas

  1. Modern data platforms
  2. Data science and machine learning
  3. Cloud platforms and services
  4. Modern web development
  5. Mobility and wireless
  6. DevOps and microservices


We are new and want to co-locate for close collaboration. Hence, we are only open to collaborating with people based in Banglore, India.

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We are not looking for XMens.
If you think that you have something in you to become a member of this team,
Reach out and let's do this.